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    Land administration in Nepal is one of the most traditional types of administration. Moreover it is one of the widely concern area of general public that every people directly or indirectly is related with it. Historically and even today, land is one of the main sources of revenue.

    The traditional land related record and land administration system is very vulnerable that it can be easily manipulated, and as a result service receivers are being sufferers. If we see the land related cases they are in a sizeable volume. It is because of the traditional land information record and administrative system. Realizing this truth, Nepal government has emphasized to overcome with this problem by transforming the present traditional land administration and record system into computerized system.

    To carryout this pivotal program in all land revenue and survey offices in the districts level, DoLIA is working in close cooperation with the concern departments like Department of Land Reform and Management (DOLRM) and Department of Survey (DOS). After completion the computerized program of all land information of a particular office, DoLIA hand over the implementation responsibility to the concern departments. Since this program is newly introduced in the district land revenue offices, it is more challenging to apply because of the shortage of technical manpower and employee's nature of change resistance.

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