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    Ministry of Land Reform and Management

    Department of Land Information And Archive


    This department has already fulfilled following significant activities till the date;

    A.    In the sector of application software development

    ·         District land Information System –(DLIS) for including the details of moth, rokka, misil, revenue amount and landowners photo along with finger  print in computer system.

    ·         Spatial Application Extension (SAEX) to prepare Geo-database by digitizing cadastral map and to update prepared database.

    ·         Plot Register Management System (PRMS) to include all the details of plot register in computer.

    ·         Image Reference Management System (IRMS) to prepare Reference Database by managing field book image of cadastral map.

    ·         Centralized Integrated Land Information System (CILIS) to purify required information by aligning/connecting the information of district level offices to the central server.


    B.     In the sector of Land-Information System

    ·         Inclusion of 2, 29, 33,452 kitta jagggadhani darta (Moth) Shresta of 82 land revenue offices in computer.

    ·         Inclusion of the details of 25, 55,128 kitta rokka of 82 land revenue offices in computer.

    ·         Preparation of the plot register details of 6, 13,200 kitta of different 17 land revenue offices along with image.

    C.     In the sector of Archive Management

    ·         Completion of Cadastral map scanning of different 82 survey offices.

    ·         Collection of ammonia print of Cadastral map of 74 districts. (Except Achham)

    ·         36, 12,000 page field book scan of 75 survey offices.

    ·         Capture the image of Deed document remained within land revenue offices of Kathmandu valley and Kabhre district since 2052 to 2068.


    D.    In the sector of Human Resource development

    Following trainings in different subjects have been granted for the development of land information system;

    ·         Database Management

    ·         Hardware, Network Maintenance

    ·         GIS with SAEX Application and basic computer with DLIS operation training.

    ·         Basic computer with SAEX operation training.

    ·         LIS Orientations

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