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    Ministry of Land Reform and Management

    Department of Land Information And Archive

    Further Programme

      Continuing the process and development of land information system, its amendment, and standard upgradation

    ·         To make the provision of including the details along with photo and fingerprint in jagga dhani darta tatha Shresta Purja by means of computer technology and to certify this details in the course/process of business.

    ·         To prepare the draft of Act related to land information system to perform/implement computer based Land Administration from land revenue and survey offices.

    ·         To amend the directives by updating specification and manual of all technological functions of department.

    ·         To keep the re-survey programme map and field book as archive by continuing the archive management programme which are already been launched.

    ·         To make effort on adding required technical manpower on the organizational table of the department.

    ·         For the development of CLIS in central level, to establish this department as central archival by developing required physical infrastructure.

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