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    The government of Nepal has made a policy decision on developing computer based land information system and implements it in land administration throughout the country. To ensure this optimistic aim, Nepal government has formed Department of Land Information and Archive (DoLIA) by the cabinet decision on 2057/ 3 / 26 (July 10, 2000 AD).

    The department is under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Land Reform and Management. It is assigned the responsibilities to furnished the functions carried by the then integrated land information system and central land archive project as well as the functional policy on the land information system approved by the council of the cabinet decision on 2057/12/21.

    DoLIA is now assiduously working to transform the traditional system of land administration and archive into the modern system by developing proper and appropriate hardware and software system with in close cooperation with the concern departments like Department of Land Reform and Management (DoLRM) and Department of Survey (DOS). After completion the computerized program of all land information of a particular office, DoLIA hand over the implementation responsibility to the concern departments.

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