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    Ministry of Land Reform and Management

    Department of Land Information And Archive


    1. Computerize all parcel based land related information and develop computer based Land Information System (LIS) to support National Geographic Information System (NGIS).
    2. Provide parcel based land Information and data to the planner, users and other stakeholders
    3. Support to increase agriculture productivity by providing appropriate land information
    4. Develop appropriate computerized land information system to provide simplified, prompt and cost -effective land administration services.
    5. Develop integrated land record of all land owner in a single document from all over the country
    6. Create access to the general public in the land information system
    7. Develop one door system of land administration service and bring all land-related function under one umbrella
    8. Develop central integrated land information system and archive
    9. To develop this department as central land information archive in Nepal.
    10. To make land information as reliable, standard and factual for establishment of easy access to the consumers, researchers and policy makers on land information.

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    Last Updated Date : 2017-03-05