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    Ministry of Land Reform and Management

    Department of Land Information And Archive


    This department does not have the provision of direct service delivery to the general public but there lies the provision of providing duplicate and allowing observation of following different documented archive in the department as per the letter of concerned governmental offices, investigation commission and different courts.  Along with this, there is the provision of delivering services as per “distribution, use and rules directives,2069” as approved by the decision of council of Minister on 2065/9/23(January 7, 2009 AD).

    ·         Observation and copy the duplicate of the map of Kathmandu district prepared by the then Royal Nepal Army on BS 2000.

    ·         Micro film observations of 4,388 map and field book roll of 131 of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kabhreplanchowk districts.

    ·         Observation of cadastral survey map of 74 districts prepared from cadastral survey and providing duplicate to the survey offices if required.

    ·         Copy of field book duplicate prepared by cadastral survey.

    ·         Observation of digital data received from land revenue and survey offices which are launching district land information system.

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    BabarMahal, Kathmandu
    Last Updated Date : 2017-03-05