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    Ministry of Land Reform and Management

    Department of Land Information And Archive


    A.    To Prepare Database

    ·         To include in computer system all the details of Land revenue offices’ Moth Shresta Misil, written and preliminary details of registration along with the missed details.

    ·         To prepare digital archive of Shresta remained within land reform office.

    ·         To prepare Geo-database digitaizing the cadastral map of different survey offices.

    ·         To prepare Image Reference Database preparing field book image of Cadastral map.

    ·         Image of plot register and all the details of plot register to be included in computer system.


    B.     To make able the Survey, Land revenue and land reform offices to deliver their services through computer system

    ·         To provide basic computer skill to all staffs in early/first stage. And in second stage, to provide basic and advance training on computer system and its management identifying the manpower who are unable to use/perform computer technology.

    ·         To make all the services scientific by providing computerized equipment and furniture reforming traditional physical condition of offices.

    ·         To provide early stage and refreshing training on the subject of database management, computer hardware and network management, and data security for at least two staffs of each offices to make computer system reliable and sustainable.


    C.     To make land related business as safe, reliable and effective one

    ·         To make the provision of including the details along with photo and fingerprint in jagga dhani darta tatha Shresta Purja by means of computer technology and to certify this details in the course/process of business.

    ·         To include the business of land registration other amount related to revenue in computer system.


    D.    To develop central integrated land information system

    ·         The signal codes related land administration VDC/Municipality, types of business (registration, namsari,bakaspatra etc) to be standardized and make compulsory provision of work implementation on the basis of these codes in all the offices.

    ·         To make the provision of seeing and using the information of local land revenue and survey offices by aligning/connecting them in LAN network.

    ·         To connect/align different land revenue and survey offices of the country in central land information system by linking them through Wide Area Network.


    E.     To develop department of land information and archive as a central land archival in country

    ·         To keep central backup of all digital data prepared by district level Survey, Land revenue, and land reform offices.

    ·         To keep central archive in department, collecting ammonia print of cadastral map of district level survey offices.

    ·         To make the provision of keeping data backup at the Ministry of Land Reform and Management, related departments and GIDC For the conservation and security of data/information prepared from land information system.

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